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*Delivery in the north only. Pick your closest location. Contact us for other locations.

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3 Simple Steps to rent !

Just pick your rental dates and choose an available scooter or bike!
Complete your reservation and receive your invoice by mail!


Date & Location

Pick the location and the needed rent date.

Choose a Scooter

Select the vehicle using our catalogues.

Make a Booking

Enter your personal details and confirm your booking!

Our customer reviews on google map.

Louis KrugerLouis Kruger
16:58 01 Mar 24
Excellent service even on weekends. Bike was delivered at said time and the bike was practically new. Had a wonderful time riding around Mauritius. Recommend this company for your scooter hiring needs
Audrey Le HelleyAudrey Le Helley
12:39 15 Feb 24
Very quick and helpful as we called them within the hour on a holiday, and they did everything they could to help us. Very good quality of service, new scooters. Very attentive team, also giving us good advice to discover the area. They also arrange to drop off or collect the scooter if necessary. 5 stars deserved! THANKS !
domenica perfettodomenica perfetto
07:24 09 Feb 24
They all have new scooters, they are helpful and efficient and they are also ready to help you if you have problems booking the rental online! And to give you advice on activities to do on the island! They are attentive and take care of their vehicles and are also very fast and flexible! We rented the scooter which allowed us to get around the island from north to south! Advise ! 5 stars because there aren't more! See you next time! Good job guys!
Mai saraMai sara
09:47 13 Jan 24
Quick response and delivery. Nice and new scooters on affordable price
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Explore our exciting vehicles

 Trinx M1000 Pro
per day
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 Fiddle 3 - 150
per day
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 Symfony 125
per day
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 SYM JET 14 200
per day
More Information:
 SYM JET X 200
per day
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Our straight forward system allows you to book and pay directly online ! You can still contact us for a custom quote!
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Why rent with us?

  • We are an exciting company with a new fleet of modern scooters,
  • Our scooters are powerful, stylish & reliable,
  • Search for availability of our scooters directly online,
  • We have an easy online booking process, no paperworks,
  • Easy & secured online payment system via PayPal or Cash on delivery
  • Receive your reservation details by mail,
  • Modify your reservation easily with your booking reference,
  • Choose your custom delivery and return address.

Why Choose a scooter?

  • You can easily find parking space and stop to explore, particularly in busy places,
  • Scooters are fuel efficient, you will save money on your travel,
  • Are you afraid of left hand drive in Mauritius? You will not feel the difference with scooters,
  • Make your trip exciting, unique and memorable by feeling the nature while moving!


Our Location


You can modify your own booking easily, just put insert booking ID that you received by mail and do the needful on the modify-reservation page.

You can choose custom pickup while making the reservation. Put your exact address in the comment section. Please note that we can do delivery only in the northern part of the island. Please contact us if you are ensure which regions we cover.

Yes, helmets and reflective vests are provided with your scooter for yourself and passenger.

Riding scooters or any other type of vehicle in Mauritius, as in any location, comes with its own set of considerations for safety. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Traffic Conditions: Mauritius has varying traffic conditions. In urban areas like Port Louis, traffic congestion can be an issue, and defensive driving is crucial. In rural areas, roads may be less crowded, but other challenges like uneven road surfaces or animals on the road may arise.
  2. Road Infrastructure: The quality of roads can vary. Most areas have well-maintained roads, while some secondary roads may have potholes or uneven surfaces. Pay attention to road conditions and adjust your speed accordingly.
  3. Traffic Awareness: Be mindful of other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists. Defensive driving can help you anticipate and react to potential hazards.

While picking your scooter, you need to provide your reservation reference code & your driving license. Please email your driving license on or provide a printed copy.

While most of our scooters can reach speeds above 100km/hr, two wheels have a speed limit of 80km/hr in Mauritius. This is for the safety of 2 wheelers. Since Mauritius is a small Island, driving slowly will not have much impact on your travel time, therefore you are encouraged to drive slowly and be very careful on the road. Note that many roads have speed limits of 60km/hr and you should respect all speed limits. There are many speed cameras in Mauritian roads. Police also regularly measure speeds of traffic at various spots across the island. In the case of receiving a fine, you’ll need to settle it before leaving the country either with us or directly at the district court.

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