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La vallée des couleurs nature park

La Vallee des couleurs nature park is a park offering high adrenaline activities for both children and adults. Going back more than two decades ago, when the park opened for public, the main attraction was the colored earth, which gave its name. The place was not well known to tourists and locals were going there during weekends and holidays to spend some time with family, visit the park, its waterfalls and animals such as deers, hens, tortoises. On a weekday, you would find an almost empty park. Activities were limited to quad biking and zipline, and they were among the first to bring it to Mauritius. The park has now transformed itself into one of the most visited parks in Mauritius. It has a huge parking space for hundreds of cars and has as many staffs. Prices are quite high but it is understandable for the logistics needed to operate the park and provide a hassle free experience to the visitors.

Reception Area. There may be queues on busy days.

Packages with different prices available. ( Prices may change )

The two Nepalese Bridge. The one on the left is older, narrower with some loose screws! ( but it is safe as supported by cables)

In the middle of the Nepalese Bridge

Waterfall that can be seen after the reception area.

Carting, you go down the alley with gravity.

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